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About Reaclinic

REACLINIC – is a net of clinics based on evidence based medicine principles in St. Petersburg, Russia.

REACLINIC is specialized in:

- Orthopaedics (knee and shoulder arthroscopy, foot and wrist surgery, osteoarthritis prophylactics, scoliosis and pose disturbances, individual orthopaedic insoles, orthopaedic pain syndromes);

- Neurology (neuromuscular diseases, diagnostics and treatment of tunnel syndromes, back and neck pain, vertigo and head pain, botulin therapy);

- Phlebology (duplex scanner, varicosedisease treatment, trophic ulcers treatment, lymphostasis treatment);

- Physical rehabilitation (medical massage, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, vertebral column traction therapy, kinesiotherapy, manual lymphodrainage, lymphatic compression therapy, kinesiotaping).
Rehabilitation department treat after-surgery, post-traumatic, stroke patients.
Special group of patients are professional sportsmen who have to return to sport activities as fast as possible.

REACLINIC basic advantages:
- High quality of medical help;
- Evidence based;
- Own surgical clinic;
- Friendly service and reasonable prices.